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Owning a Hot tub can be a great pleasure giving much enjoyment and relaxation, however when it comes to moving one, they can be anything but! A hot tub is not only an odd shape but they're huge in size and weigh a lot which makes moving a hot tub a real chore. Because hot tubs are so expensive, finding a way to move one safely is important. We feel the best option is to leave it in the hands of the professionals.  


Moving a hot tub isn't a job for one person and requires specialist equipment, at Hot4Tubs our team have all the equipment and knowledge necessary to complete a hot tub relocation with little fuss.


To make sure we move your hot tub efficiently and without damage we only use dedicated equipment for lifting the hot tub, allowing us to place the hot tub upright onto our moving device then carefully load it ready for its relocation to the next property.

If you own a hot tub and are moving house and want to take the hot tub with you, or maybe you've made an eBay or Facebook purchase but have no way of getting the hot tub to you, then get in touch and one of our team will be able to assist.

We can help with:

-Moving your hot tub during a house move

-Garden relocation

-Facebook hot tub purchases

-eBay hot tub purchases

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Hot tub relocation
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