A little about Barnsley!

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Here at Hot4tubs, we deliver to Barnsley often when hiring out hot tubs, infact even though wer are located in Pontefract a good percentage of our customers are from Barnsley, so I thought id give a little insight into the town.

Barnsley town center is a thriving market town located in south yorkshire, attracting thousands of visitors every year. The town is famous for its award winning markets, with great high street names and a wide array of independent shops. The town's rich cultural offer also provides opportunities to visit the town as a day out destination and a varied program of events and exhibitions means there is usually always something going on to do or see when you visit. The town is currently undergoing major transformation. £120M is being invested in the town center, creating new shops, restaurants, a cinema, new library and a revitalised market. Visitors to the town will see this transformation taking place and display hoardings around the development site give a glimpse of the journey that is taking place.

During the transformation the town centre remains open for business. A new temporary market has been created in May Day Green and Market Parade, so visitors can continue to enjoy the market. The bright and modern new premises provide a great home for the many stalls offering a wide range of goods and opening hours have been extended so shoppers can now enjoy the markets 6 day per week. Whatever the purpose of your shopping trip, The Victorian Arcade and Georges yard area, is somewhere a little bit special that must be experienced! It provides a unique shopping experience with a traditional feel. Its cobbled paving, tea rooms, restaurants, traditional Irish bar and bakeries remind you of the Barnsley of old whilst it oozes sophistication with an array of quality independent shops, salons, modern and traditional coffee shops.

1. Barnsley is the hub of the metropolitan borough of Barnsley which has 218,000 residents, however the town of Barnsley itself only makes up about 72,000 of that number,

2. The town was built on the coal mining industry and at one time 98% of the population were employed in that industry, although coal mining is now extinct in the area

3. You would assume that Barnsley town centre would be of Victorian design, you would be wrong, it was constructed in the 1960's shortly after the town was discovered by missionary's working for the Red Cross in Yorkshire, this was hailed the first major discovery since a unknown tribe of pygmy headhunters was found in the Amazon Rainforests 30 years earlier and Barnsley was declared a World heritage site.

4. For a town of its size Barnsley has been the home of more than its fair share of notable residents, Arthur Scargill, Michael Parkinson, Darren Gough and also Mick McCarthy

A few great places to visit while in the barnsley area:

Cannon Hall Farm

Elsecar Heritage Centre

Experience Barnsley Museum and Discovery Centre

RSPB Old Moor


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