Hot Tub Hire York


How long can I hire a hot tub for?

We operate on a 4 day hire over weekends, but we also offer a midweek package for 3 days, we can extend this, please contact us for your requirements.


Can I hire a hot tub for a day?

No, we do not offer 1 day rentals.

Can Hot4Tubs deliver to my area?

We're located near Pontefract and can deliver to West, South & North Yorkshire, please check out our delivery areas page or contact us to discuss.

Will one of your solid tubs fit on my property?

A width of 30" minimum is needed to gain access to where the tub will be located, which will then need a 7ft x 7ft flat base for the tub to sit on.

Can you supply a gazebo?

Yes, we can supply and set up our quality commercial grade gazebo with removable side panels, please check out our hot tub prices page.

How are the gazebo's secured in place?

For ALL hires we secure the gazebo by using ratchet straps under the hot tub itself and we also use straps on all 4 corners of the gazebo, if sufficient anchor points allow. 

How big are the gazebos?

Our gazebos are 3 meters x 3 meters, giving plenty of room inside for the hot tub and also enough space for your own equipment such as a small table & chairs.

How much do the hot tubs weigh?

The 4-6 seater weighs 18.2st dry / 150st filled with water

The 6-8 seater weighs 20.7st dry / 177st filled with water

Can the hot tubs be lifted at head height to get over my garden wall?

Our hot tubs weigh a minimum of 18st and so cannot be lifted, they are rolled into position, we can navigate steps, but please discuss when booking.

How long does it take for the water to heat up?

Around 8 hours from a cold fill, obviously a lot quicker if a hot water fill is available.

How is the hot tub filled?

We will bring our own hosing and adapters, we need access to either an outside or indoors tap.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Only a £20 deposit is required to secure your booking. Debit/Credit cards, Paypal, Bank transfer & cash are all accepted. A deposit will only be taken after confirming you have sufficient access into the back garden of your property.

When does the balance need paying?

The remainder of the balance needs to be paid on the day of delivery.

Can the hot tub be placed in the front garden of my property?

Unfortunately due to security reasons, our hot tubs cannot be put in front gardens or other open unsecure land where the hot tub and accessories are visible to the public.


Are chemicals included?

Yes, chlorine and PH balancers are included as well as PH test strips, allowing you to maintain the quality of your water.

Do I require any special equipment for my hot tub hire?

No, All you need is a water supply and access a 13 amp mains socket.

Are your Hot Tubs cleaned after each use?

Our hot tubs are thoroughly sanitised after each rental and a clean filter is provided for each hire.

How do you operate the hot tub

The Hot tub has an on board digital control pad that’s very easy to use.


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Can the temperature of the water be changed?

The hot tubs temperature is set to 38 degrees Celsius, but by pressing and holding the up button a maximum of 41.5 degrees can be obtained, pressing and holding the down button will lower the temperature.

Pressing both the up and down buttons together will display the current temperature.

How do you control the messaging jets?

By pressing the pump button once, the low speed jets will be activated, pressing the pump button once more will increase the speed to full power.


Does the hot tub have in tub lighting?

Yes it does, in fact the 6-8 seater has selectable multi coloured lighting, including; blue, green, red, purple, yellow, pink. Simply press the up button to activate the lighting, then scroll through the colours by pressing the down button. the 4-6 seater has blue lighting. Pressing the up button 4 times will turn off the lighting.

Is there a potential electrical hazard having water/electric in close proximity?

All our hot tubs have a built in RCD (circuit breaker) providing safety and for your own peace of mind. The tubs and hot tub cabling are also fully tested and checked after each hot tub hire.

Will you demonstrate how the hot tub works?

Yes, the controls are very easy to use, a full demonstration will be given on delivery and an instruction leaflet detailing how to use the chemicals and hot tub controls is also provided for future reference.

Have a specific question?

Send us a message via our contact page and we will get back to you ASAP