Book with confidence avoid a disaster!

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for! Last week we had a customer phone us at the last minute after they'd booked with another company but it turned out to be a nightmare, the hot tub they hired was inflatable and had leaked all it's water, leaving the customer trying to fix it themselves at 10 pm on a Thursday night as they desperately needed it ready for a pre-planned party on the Friday

After arriving to set up my equipment the "quality" of the previous company's equipment was aparrant..

-A "gazebo" held up by tape, string & hope

-bin liners on the gazebo corners keeping it somewhat rain tight

-the installer even used the customers washing pole for part of the roofs structure 😂

-A paddling pool/"hot tub" in the middle that had leaked all its contents

would you be happy paying money to have that in your garden?

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